SMART reinvents the SMART Board

More than 20 years ago, SMART Technologies invented the SMART Board, an amazing tool to help teachers connect and collaborate with students. Since then, SMART has been unwavering in their commitment to help educators and students succeed by providing them tools to create engaging, powerful learning experiences, that are interactive and collaborative. Now, with the introduction of the interactive flat panel SMART Board 6000 series, we have the biggest advancement in SMART Boards since SMART invented them.

The SMART 6000 brings a new level of dependability with 50,000 hours of uninterrupted lessons and reliable service, outlasting typical technology lifecycles. With this model, there are no more projector bulbs to replace, no shadows in the way, no glare or hot spots and no faded images to deal with. This kind of lasting reliability gives schools the power to decide when they want to replace their technology according to their schedule, and not need to replace it when equipment becomes unreliable.

The SMART 6000 boards are a smart fit for education, because they were specifically designed by teachers for teachers. The popular learning software, SMART Notebook is standard with the series. This gives teachers the advantage to create high impact lesson plans in the same environment they’ll be teaching. And, the board represents the best in touch and collaborative technology today. Premium multi-touch features give students an error free and natural learning experience. Pen ID minimizes interruptions when multiple students use the board simultaneously. And finally, 4K Ultra HD resolution allows students anywhere in the room to read the board clearly.

Altogether, the SMART 6000 series is a powerful, yet simple and intuitive interactive

learning tool that lets teachers and students concentrate on the content, collaboration and sharing of information. At CCS Presentation Systems our education specialty team is made up almost entirely of former educators and administrators who understand the needs for interactive learning environments in education. For a consultation, call us today at 480-348-0100 and, learn more about us, on our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

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