Smart Board Technology and Learning in the Classroom

Smart Board technology in the classroom has grown leaps and bounds in recent years.

As the world around the classroom advances via new technologies, so too are students starting to move away from books and paper to interactive whiteboards. Teachers and school administrators are eager to embrace the advances in technology for learning opportunities. They want to create a more data-driven classroom environment by incorporating the use of technology. In some instances, interactive whiteboards for learning are already in place within the school.Smart Board Technology and Learning in the Classroom

The biggest manufacturer of whiteboards for education is from market-leading SMART Technologies. In 2011, SMART’s share in the interactive display product category was just over 45% globally. More than 2.3 million SMART Board interactive whiteboards have been installed globally in education, business and government settings, with more than 1.9 million installed in K–12 classrooms, reaching more than 40 million students and teachers. SMART Notebook collaborative learning software has been downloaded by more than six million users in over 175 countries around the world.

SMART products offer multiple ways for students to express themselves, interact with activities and comprehend concepts. SMART makes these teaching and student tools available on its website through its interactive SMART EXCHANGE.

Usually schools seeking to implement Smart Board learning will work with local audio-visual installers to provide the installation and setup of interactive whiteboards. This ensures a proper set-up of the technology.

“One of the largest markets for growth has been schools and classroom installations for interactive Smart Boards for learning and teaching, as well as an influx of flat screen TVs being used throughout school districts,” says Julie Solomon, manager of marketing & business development for CCS Presentation Systems, an audio visual systems installer based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

CCS Presentation Systems is also at the forefront of bringing interactive technology via its manufacturing partners to the classroom. The company is working with Arizona educators for teachers to win classroom technology solutions through its CCS Classroom Solutionz Grant contest.

Innovators with the SMART platform of education software are using social media and blogging to highlight the opportunities available with the SMART interactive platform. Teachers love Smart Boards is a blog created by a technology consultant Jamie Willis, who blogs with an aim “to help teachers find quality resources to use with their SMART Board.”

SMART’s award-winning interactive boards help teachers bring more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. By doing so, SMART provides innovative and interactive education solutions helping teachers integrate technology into the classroom and enhance learning.

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