Home Automation
Smart Home System

We take the time to really understand homeowners’ needs and how automation will impact their lives.

We are automation experts - providing
custom solutions for the home

Imagine, traveling home from a long trip on a freezing and snowy night to a fire, soft music, a heated home and warm lighting already up and illuminating  your peaceful home. This is a reality and does not require a butler. Home Automation technology brings the power of smart technology and AV integration into the privacy, and comfort, of the home environment.

Like all cutting-edge integration technologies, CCS knows Home Automation solutions for single family homes and multiple-unit housing. We bring the intelligence and ease of smart technology home.

With our specialists and knowledge, CCS empowers our clients to do the following:

  • Turn their alarm systems on and off to accommodate pet sitters and staff
  • Control the climate and lighting from afar, and from one device
  • Integrate lighting, security, audio visual, entertainment, and climate systems