Red Robin Restaurants and Samsung Displays Top Audio-Visual Solution

In 2012, as part of a brand transformation, Red Robin restaurants management determined that it needed to upgrade its entire collection of in-restaurant TV monitors. The old TV monitors had become inefficient, were using outdated cathode ray tubes, and didn’t display the new content as brightly as the company wanted.Red Robin Restaurants

It needed new modern LED digital displays that could leverage high definition programming from the likes of DIRECTV. It also had other considerations, like having a say in the image quality, energy efficiency and total cost of ownership. After some internal discussion, Red Robin chose CCS Presentation Systems manufacturing partner Samsung Electronics to initially outfit 300 of its 475 stores in the US and Canada with brand new, energy-efficient LED digital signage displays.

Red Robin, along with its content media services integrator PlayNetwork, picked the Samsung 55-inch MD Series commercial display to be the new display of choice in its restaurant locations. These direct-lit LED displays helped Red Robin align its strong focus on energy savings and sustainability with its marketing needs for quality, affordability and warranty requirements.

More importantly, Red Robin has already experienced in 2013 a 33% reduction in power consumption from the direct-lit LED models compared to more conventional CCFL-backlit models. And according to Samsung’s white paper, the visual experience that these LED displays offer Red Robin customers are better too. They are useful for busy, wide areas that require wide viewing angles. And for content managers within the restaurants, the LED displays offer an integrated tuner and embedded media player for easy content play and updates.

You can read the entire white paper at Samsung’s web site. Here’s a short clip outlining the MD Series from Samsung:

If your restaurant operation is looking to upgrade to a new LED, energy efficient monitor, contact CCS Presentation Systems. We can show you models to fit your budget and needs for your operations.

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