International Speedway Corporation NASCAR / Grand Am Racing

Daytona Beach, FL

International Speedway Corporation NASCAR / Grand Am Racing

This project’s goal was to design and integrate cutting edge audio visual systems for NASCAR world headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Project Description

CCS Arizona was selected to design and install all audio visual aspects of this new world headquarters facility. Venues include 7 executive level conference rooms outfitted with video and audio conferencing, each room having multiple displays; 11 standard conference rooms; 5 lounge conference rooms with distributed video; a digital signage system that spans the entire 8-floor building; and a world class Press Room with an extensive 18-display video wall. Integration also included off-site owners building with 5 executive offices and 1 executive conference room.


Project Detail

Client Name:

International Speedway Corporation


Daytona Beach, FL


CCS New England

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