Knowing When To Upgrade Your Audio-Visual System

When’s the right time to upgrade your company’s audio-visual components, systems and programming capabilities? Is it at the start of the year, when budgets have been allocated, and money is available to spend? Or do you hold off throughout the year, while researching cost opportunities and building relations with audio-visual system installers?

Knowing When To Upgrade Your Audio-Visual System

At CCS, we specialize in helping companies, schools districts and other large organizations find the best audio-visual solutions to fit their price points and deadlines.  Our wide range of partner manufacturers helps CCS to work with organizations to get the best products. CCS provides audio video solutions for your business using products from the likes of NEC, EPSON, SMART, AMX, Crestron, Chief, and many others.

As companies, churches or schools grow, it becomes necessary for these groups to link their physical facilities with new audio-visual integration equipment. This is where CCS excels. Most of our corporate clients are interested in a variety of presentation systems including projectors and projection screens, digital displays and high definition video conferencing. Additionally, CCS has the ability to integrate a room control system to provide total control over your audio visual components.

With the growth in video learning comes a need for more broadcast-styled camera and video equipment for organizations. Along with displays and projectors, CCS provides an array of systems integration components from audio conferencing to broadcast camcorders and remote pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Whatever you need, whether it’s a set of digital displays, or a choice of having total room control during a corporate meeting, our team will work with you on your projects needs.

One of our clients describes his experience with CCS this way: “Our technical university has 52 classrooms in every campus, so every campus has a projection system in it, a lobby with audio visual systems, and some even have 3-5 displays. We are constantly giving presentations to high schools and students and it’s very important that the equipment be very reliable. I went over to CCS and I met with John and I met with Rod and some other people. When I walked out of there, I realized that CCS is about quality and being more than a vendor; they want to be a partner. Over time, that relationship has grown and grown. I can honestly say I have had many vendors with better prices, but nobody makes the partnership work like CCS.”

That’s what we’re excited to hear! We aim to work with you and make your project great. If there’s an audio-visual systems project coming soon to your organization in the Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona areas, we’d like to get involved. Contact CCS in our Scottsdale location today.

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