Digital Education Trends Changing Teacher Roles

A recent Education Week article highlighted the changes in today’s classrooms as a result of more devices and interactivity in the classroom. The article ‘Digital Trends Shifting the Role of Teachers‘ describes examples of how teachers are integrating technology from interactive whiteboards, laptops, tablets and more to help teach students.

CCS Presentation Systems manufacturing partner SMART Technologies created the world’s first interactive whiteboard 22 years ago. Today, more than two million SMART Board interactive whiteboards are used by over 40 million students and their teachers, and SMART products are used in more than 175 countries.

Your organization, school or teaching center can benefit from SMART interactive whiteboards, as well as its interactive flat panels, collaboration table, conferencing software, interactive learning software and more. SMART gives teachers the training, support, integration and services needed to create success in today’s schools.

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