Christie launches Visual Mapping Book of Transformations

Christie has upped the ante again for leaders in the audio-visual space with its launch of a new visual mapping experience called The Book of Transformations. This coffee table-styled book not only shows Christie’s partners and vendors (like CCS Presentation Systems), what’s possible in the world of modern projection technologies, but highlights some of the amazing processes and creativity behind some of Christies projection mapping work around the globe.

In the last year, this blog has highlighted some of Christie’s amazing projection work, from its MicroTiles video walls to its imaginative work with Barneys in New York City for the Christmas holidays and in Los Angeles for the TCL Chinese theater experience.

According to Christie’s promotional notes, The Book of Transformation “…explores and celebrates how artists and technicians are using powerful projection display technologies to visually transform familiar structures and objects.” It’s divided into separate sections, including: Celebrations & Festivals, Corporate, Government, Mega Events, Museums & Entertainment, Promotional & Branded, and Retail & Fashion. The book showcases the visual plans, core outlines and technical information of some of their most renowned projection mapping projects completed in recent years.

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘projection mapping’, this communication medium involves projecting different kinds of digital media (either static images or animated media) onto just about any type of surface. Christie has digitally wrapped a variety of surfaces like ancient ruins, water and glass and even national monuments. The overall effect integrates the visual projections onto the surface into an extravaganza of audio-visual design.

Those interested in projection mapping can find the book as a downloadable app on several mobile platforms, or as a PDF file and as a limited release hardcopy publication (pictured above). Readers will see how using Christie’s projectors, event producers and artists creatively manipulated surfaces and light across office buildings, old temples, ancient ruins, bridges, stages and even sports surfaces.

The free tablet app is available on Apple’s App Store for iPads and Google’s Play Store for Android tablets. A non-interactive PDF is also available free of charge, allowing all the showcases and supporting material to be readily viewed on other tablet devices, as well as PCs and laptops.

CCS Presentation Systems provides our customers with the latest applications on great audio-visual solutions like the ones being made at Christie. Contact us to learn more about the latest AV technologies for your business, school, hotel or hospitality venue.

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