Chief Offers New Video Wall Mounting to Solve Installation Issues

Chief introduced its new ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System at the recent Digital Signage Expo 2014, and it looks to be a terrific solution for issues associated with large video wall installs.

Chief’s new system makes faster work of the formerly time-consuming task of aligning rows for massive video walls. Quicker large-scale video wall installs = substantial time and costs savings to customers, and that’s crucial for the mounting and racks for large audio-visual solutions.

CCS Presentation Systems partners with Chief Manufacturing, an industry leader in racks, mounts, and other audio-video installations. Chief works in hotels and restaurants, classrooms and corporate offices. The Chief team introduced the new ConnexSys video wall mounting system at the recent Digital Signage Expo 2014.

Chief’s new system helps provide audio-visual solutions to the installer’s issues of video wall alignment and lengthy install time. Chief noted that video wall alignment can take up 50%-70% of the install time, and the new mounting solution can alleviate that time spent.

Some of the new benefits in the Video Wall Mounting System include:

Single strut channel install per row – This is a key ingredient in the Chief recipe to make measurement methods more efficient. Installers using the ConnexSys system need only level a single strut channel and hang the mounts for a large video wall. This setup removes the need for horizontal measuring between mounts, and quickly aligns the entire row easily and effectively. Multiple rows can be leveled by using the height of the video wall screen to measure between each row rail.

Better Depth Adjustment – Chief notes that no wall is perfectly flat. Because of that, as users add more digital screens, aligning video walls becomes trickier. The ConnexSys mounts allow for the home position to be set between 4 to 7.3-inches (102-186 mm) from the wall for perfect depth. Independent depth adjustments can be made on both sides of the mount to accommodate walls up to 2-inches out of alignment horizontally. This definitely helps in large video wall installs and recess video walls where matching the outer surface can be somewhat cumbersome.

You can read more about the video wall mounting system benefits at the Chief ConnexSys press release. ConnexSys will be available by mid-March in landscape and portrait versions with rails. Chief will also make it available to installers without the strut channel, so installers can use local sources for longer lengths.

Chief is a division of Milestone AV Technologies, a Duchossois Group Company, which is recognized as a global AV solution leader in state-of-the-art mount and rack solutions that complement new technologies.

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