CCS Partner InFocus Launches Touchscreen PC for Business and Education Markets

Innovation continues to ramp up all across the digital signage industry. From 3D illumination to large-scale projections, manufacturers are taking digital signage capabilities to new heights.

InFocus is one of many CCS Presentation Systems partners, and the digital display and projection manufacturer has been an innovator in recent years with top-line projection systems, multi-touch PC-tablets and more. Now, the company has extended the concept of tablet touchscreen intuition with the launch of ‘Big Touch’ a 55-inch touchscreen display system specially built for Windows 8 integration.CCS Partner InFocus

The ‘Big Touch’ screen (pictured here) is a 55 inch 1080 pixel display that allows for five points of touch on its screen at any one time. It comes shipped with Windows 8 integrated within, so any Microsoft customers with Windows 8 can create new software and applications to utilize the screen to its fullest capacity. 

BigTouch features a 55-inch 1080p display and five-point touch for multi-person collaboration, and it ships with the Windows 8 Professional operating system, combining a touch screen capability with the productivity of a PC.

According to InFocus company info, the large screen digital signage allows users to interact with… “virtually any content you want,” said Robert Detwiler, product manager for InFocus. “The BigTouch is the ideal product for many customers, including educators who are using education software, software companies that want to demonstrate their applications on a large scale, or even digital signage companies looking for a display with an integrated PC. Ultimately, the BigTouch is for anyone who wants the Windows 8 touch experience on a large PC display.”

If you are a business or education institution with a need for large-scale digital touchscreen uses, contact CCS Presentation Systems to find out more about the InFocus BigTouch system. We’d be happy to share our professional expertise with you.

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