Lamp or laser? Projector
technologies compared

All projectors do a similar job – letting your audience enjoy big, bright, colourful images. But inside there’s a choice of technologies to produce the image you see on screen. UHP lamp light projection has been the only choice for decades. And now it’s joined by a new generation of projectors from Sony that use a long-lasting 3LCD laser light source. Both technologies have their own merits, depending on how and where the projector’s being used

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Draw your audience to the heart of the action – with incredible ultra slo-mo capability

Capture the dynamic excitement of live sports in 4K ultra slo-mo with the HDC-4800 4K/HD Ultra High Frame Rate camera system, together with its dedicated 4K Baseband Processor BPU-4800. 4K Ultra HD images at up to 400P/480P (8x 50P/60P) or Full HD at 800P/960P (16x 50P/60P) to reveal split-second action. This all-in-one solution for UHFR recording and playback makes it easier for broadcast production personnel to deliver superb slo-mo coverage of sports and other live events that TV viewing audiences love.

A brighter future: Laser projection
with stunning pictures and low total
cost of ownership

Experience your presentations brought to life with the Sony VPL-FHZ65 and the VPL-FHZ60. Using a laser light source rather than a traditional lamp, both projectors combine stunning image quality, vivid colour reproduction and virtually maintenance-free operation. With low power consumption and fan noise, they’re perfectly suited to a wide range of applications, from boardrooms to classrooms.

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