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Audio-Visual Tips for Houses of Worship

One of the biggest markets of growth for indoor digital signage and accessories is large-scale worship venues. These 2,000-10,000 seat auditoriums or worship centers are integrating more digital screens and high-output projectors, allow more opportunities audio-visual solutions providers.

Your church or house of worship is ideally suited for quality projectors that show your messages and videos with bright clarity. Models like the Hitachi CP-X 9111 can be are ideally suited for house of worship digital and video projection. Models come in LCD or DLP format, with brightness ranging up to 10,000 lumens light output, and XGA 1024 x768 resolution.

Projectors like these help connect the images and videos between attendees and service providers. Digital signage can convey these images, promotional flyers and more information.

To bring top-of-the-line quality to your house of worship, here are four tips to creating optimum audio-visual solutions:

Know your screens

What are the size of your screens to be projected on? How many of these do you have? How many will be projected on? It’s important to have these dimensions up front, as it will matter greatly in determining the power and brightness of the projectors needed. In many large churches today with a ‘fan’ layout, there is usually a center screen, flanked by two screens, one on each side of the stage.

Distance Inside

How far are the screens from the sound and video board area in the space? It’s important to know the exact distance from the projectors to the screens, as it becomes a focus for which type of lens is needed. Depending on the distance involved, the projector may require a standard lens or a long throw lens. Have this information handy for your AV integration partner.

Aspect Ratio

Demand is rising for wide-screen output for images and videos – 16:9 or 16:10. There are differences in aspect ratios, but many will point to wide-screens as the new standard. Have your correct aspect ratio ready to go.


Is your budget ready for a top-quality AV setup and integration in your house of worship? Today’s worshipers are increasingly choosing venues based on the capability of providing a broadcast-ready AV experience. Worship facilities need to stay connected to their faithful, and staying abreast of modern worship communication tools is becoming a necessity.

Large-scale projector and screen signage in houses of worship is one of the specialties of CCS Presentation Systems. Look to CCS (named as Commercial Integrator’s #1 integrator in the US) for the right kind of digital signage equipment and projection systems for your house of worship. Contact CCS Presentation Systems for more information on these systems in your services.

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