Run the Meeting with the Enzo Collaboration System

Did you know? 20% of meetings run late due to meeting room technology issues? 70% of professionals will conduct their work on mobile devices by 2018. 92% of attendees see meetings as where they contribute most to company success. The #1 most frequently asked question in a meeting is “Can I get a copy of that? AMX did and responded to that, with the creation of Enzo, a flexible platform for meeting rooms to access and share content quickly and easily.

A tremendous amount of time is wasted at the beginning of meetings with things like booting up a PC, logging in, and finding documents to present. With Enzo, those problems don’t exist because the platform is always on and ready to go. Users simply select “Start a Session” to begin their meeting, and a clear intuitive menu guides users through the options to assist them in presenting and collaborating.

The Enzo creators investigated what people typically do in meetings and used that data to design the capabilities of Enzo. For example, they found that presenting documents is the most common application done in meetings. So, Enzo is intuitive and makes it easy to navigate prompts to find documents. With a touch of a button, all the files will appear on the display, ready to be downloaded and opened, so collaboration can start right away.

Also, important to meetings is the ability to share presentation materials with attendees. The Enzo was designed so that content can be shared directly and instantly without logging into an email service. Or, a QR code can be generated and scanned by attendees to gain access to the documents in a Dropbox. A short URL may also be generated for those without a QR code reader, or for those who are attending the meeting remotely. This saves the trouble of needing to remember to send an email after the meeting or pass around a USB stick.

Finally, when a user ends their session, Enzo automatically purges any documents that may have been downloaded and clears the browser history of the session. This avoids disclosure of confidential information to unintended audiences. So there are no security concerns.

Collaboration systems allow employees to connect and share content in meetings. If you are interested in the Enzo or other collaboration products, contact an audio visual expert at CCS Presentation Systems today at 480-348-0100. And, learn more on our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

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