Home School Education

CCS has a strong history of supporting education and integrating technology into classrooms. This mission has now extended to the home school classroom. Interactive flat panels, document cameras, 3D virtual reality tools, all work together to support student achievement and collaborative learning.

Each of these products is designed to be used during the school day for education and converted to household audio visual equipment when class is out for the day. Flat panels become gaming displays or television monitors, turning off the 3D software can allow use as a standard computer and desktop display.

The education-focused audio visual sales team is made up almost entirely of former educators and administrators, resulting in a greater understanding of the interactive learning environment.

Home School Audio Video Products
  • SMART Interactive Flat Panels
  • SMART Notebook 2015 software
  • zSpace
  • Recordex document camera
  • Blue Jeans Cloud Conferencing
Featured Education Project

Partnering with leading audio video manufacturers from around the country, CCS Presentation Systems has become a top-tier provider of collaborative and interactive learning tools for education. Our ability to integrate a wide range of audio-visual components into your classroom or lecture hall, paired with our highly trained team of engineers, makes CCS the perfect solution for your educational technology needs.