Lecture Halls

Trust CCS Presentation Systems to help you design the right interactive teaching solution\ns for your seminar or lecture hall – high definition projectors, screens, microphones and connectivity systems. Integrating a carefully chosen suite of products into seminar and lecture halls will improve overall student learning and social interaction experiences while providing you with products you can count on now and into the future.

CCS provides hundreds of AV products commonly used in lecture halls, including:

  • HD Projection Systems
  • Screens in all Aspect Ratios
  • Camcorders
  • Camera Systems
  • Digital Media
  • Mixers & Switchers
  • Production Monitors
  • Recorder/Players & Workflow Tools
  • Cables & Accessories

Large Venue Presentations
Bring your seminar or large venue lecture to life like never before. With the latest innovations in video, displays, projectors and mobile computing, the show will not only be more vivid and exciting than ever before — but, with this reliable product suite, you can also be confident that the show will go on. Investments in the quality of production value can drive larger and more profitable events for the campus.


Campus Information Sharing
CCS Presentation Systems provides and installs information sharing screens and AV communication systems for your college or university, to help your student center staff provide new ways for students to communicate, learn, and create in the environments where they live and relax.