Huddle Rooms

CCS Presentation Systems provides the latest huddle room AV equipment and expert installation, to ensure the most efficient use of time and space. In the past, businesses often focused on designing one extravagant boardroom packed with the latest technology to impress new hires and potential clients. Today, the conferencing trend in business has shifted more towards the creation of multiple small huddle rooms.


Huddle rooms are defined as small conference areas that are equipped with audio, video and display system technology.

These rooms are often used by groups who want to get together either impromptu or for previously scheduled meetings to collaborate on projects. There are a few key reasons why huddle rooms are the future of collaboration.

What’s In A Huddle Room?
Common elements include:

  • LCD or LED flat panel display, wall mounted to maximize space
  • Table or central workspace with chairs accessible to electrical and communication connectivity
  • Camera and microphone or some combination of the two
  • Central control system, even if it’s a master remote or touch screen room control


The exact elements inside of a huddle room vary depending on the needs of the organization creating it. The ease of use, relatively low cost, and ability to drive more focused work are all reasons why huddle rooms packed with communication technology are the future of collaboration.
The introduction of a huddle room boosts employee productivity, and the room itself has little or no cost once it’s been set up. That’s a proposition that most businesses will gladly accept.


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