Entrances & Lobby

The lobby is where your business, hotel or resort can make a strong first impression. Digital displays and wall screens can engage guests as well as customers with diverse solutions for commercial lobbies of all types:

  • Digital Way-finding
  • Information
  • Menu Boards
  • Dynamic Advertising


CCS Presentation Systems offers digital display solutions that feature a complete line of commercial large format displays, touch screens, and stretch screens that are incorporated into diversified network display options.

Digital Signage
The fastest growing trend in public display systems, digital signage is being used in everything from corporate communications to retail outlets to college campus messaging. Whether in the lobby of a business or in a university theatre, it enables you to blend graphics, full-motion video and web pages from multiple sources to deliver messages with maximum impact.


Digital screens or interactive tablets in the lobby or throughout the property can also help hotels that don’t have the resources to keep concierges on site all the time.


Scott Hansen, director of guest technology for Marriott, says he thinks hotels will get even more creative with digital screens in coming years, especially with their placement.
“Table-based information signs will become commonplace as screens are integrated into furniture,” he says. “Digital full wall displays will also become more and more common as hardware becomes cheaper and content becomes more ubiquitous and accessible.”


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