Courtrooms & Jury Assembly

CCS Presentation Systems provides AV products and installation in courtrooms and jury assembly rooms of all types, nationwide – our video conferencing, large-screen displays, multi-screen controllers and display management software make for a state-of-the-art courtroom.

CCS will partner with you to design a custom AV system for your courtroom that is flexible and anticipates future needs for maximum operational efficiency:


  • Products should rely on a fiber infrastructure to ensure that future upgrades to the AV system can use the existing cabling


  • The AV system should apply a secure model that can be readily adapted to various applications such as municipal, county, district, or superior courts


  • The AV system should provide a modern means of presenting and storing evidence so that time required for a court proceeding is reduced, thus allowing for more cases to be handled without having to expand physical court facilities


  • It should allow worldwide communication, fast and crystal clear – by integrating videoconferencing systems into the court, remotely located experts can contribute to the case


  • The AV system’s videoconference capabilities should allow for video arraignment, with the defendant held in a more secure location when necessary

Whether you’re integrating multiple generations of AV equipment or building a brand new facility, CCS Presentation Systems will provide lightning fast design, sourcing and installation of the latest audio visual equipment designed specifically for use in justice facilities.


Request a site walk to find out which AV products are best for your courtroom, or search for a specific product.