Command & Control Centers

CCS Presentation Systems understands how to integrate video technology into the decision-making process in industries as wide-ranging as aerospace, military, telecommunications, and federal governments.


With CCS your agency receives:

  • ICIA-certified engineers and technicians
  • Programming and interface design to match your application
  • Systems acceptance and QC testing
  • Onsite operator system training
  • Ongoing support, including help desk, training and remote system monitoring

Integrated AV solutions for Command & Control Centers
As the nerve center of military applications, command centers require real-time access to mission-critical information. Our integrated command center solutions enable the dissemination of commands and status information, as well as rapid capability feedback from deployed operators. That’s how our AV systems offer a clear advantage in real-time command & control operations, research and mission planning.

Our video walls, large-screen displays, multi-screen controllers and display management software make for a state-of-the-art command center, typically used in:

  • Tactical Analysis Centers
  • 24/7 Watch and Alert Centers
  • Crisis Centers
  • Briefing Rooms
  • Integrated Battle Space Centers
  • National Military Command Centers (NMCCs)
  • Military ATC
  • Air Defense Battle Space Centers and more.

CCS Presentation Systems offers high quality AV products that are designed to ultimately result in better collaboration, faster decision-making, and higher mission effectiveness.  Contact Us for more information on upgrading your Command Center AV system or search for a specific product