Engage the entire classroom with a pen or finger touch enabled interactive boards, flat panels and projectors designed to share lessons from computers, IOS and Android devices, or no device at all.


Get SMART In Your Classroom
A federal movement called The 21st Century Classroom Initiative is underway aimed at providing every classroom in the country with interactive educational tools within the next few years. Technology savvy students are increasingly looking for college campuses that offer dynamic, 21st century communication and learning methods. By implementing the right technologies on your campus, you can actually increase enrollment, improve test scores, and experience the benefits of more effective learning.

Campus-Wide Room Control & Monitoring of AV Systems via IP
Do you need to reach multiple classrooms quickly and easily? CCS Presentation Systems can design and integrate an IP monitoring system to enable you to monitor all of your classrooms from the computer or device of your choosing.

Keep an eye on lamp hours, help instructors operate equipment properly, or debug a classroom AV challenge from your laptop. You can even be notified via your mobile phone or handheld device when something has stopped working properly. Let us help you make your maintenance and troubleshooting more efficient, saving you time and money.


Everyone benefits from a collaborative environment
SMART Technologies in classrooms enables instructors and students to focus on lively, participatory discussions instead of worrying about taking notes. Knowing that lecture notes and materials will be posted after class allows everyone to concentrate on the presentation, ask questions and actively engage in discussions.


Implement SMART in your classroom
Visual imagery and sensory learning enhance all learning styles and support knowledge retention. Let CCS help you find the right combination of SMART Technologies for your classroom.