CCS Presentation Systems can help you find the right audio video system for your auditorium and its many uses. Whether you’re looking for an AV system designed for meeting spaces that seat 100 or 1,000, our innovative solutions will keep your audience engaged, even in high ambient light.

CCS only installs the latest in AV technology with superior HD color, dynamic design and the flexibility to rock even the most demanding auditorium and theater installations.

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Before you buy a projector for your auditorium, consider the intended use and audience size and learn about the types of projectors sold. This will help you to choose a projector that is right for your application. The 2 types of projectors you will most likely consider purchasing are Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Digital Light Processing (DLP).

  • Determine the available space and the most common use for the projector. This will help you narrow down the most important attributes to consider when you buy a projector. For example, weight will be a factor if you will transport the projector frequently. Weight will not be as important if you buy a projector for fixed installation. Portable DLP projectors are lighter than portable LCD projectors.
  • Learn about the factors used to categorize and evaluate projectors. Resolution is a major factor. Projectors for viewing videos in a large room or auditorium, for example, will require a higher resolution than projectors used for PowerPoint presentations in an office.

Choose a projector with a high enough resolution for its most frequent use.

1024 x 768 or higher allows for great detail and 1280 x 1024 for an even higher quality image.

Brightness and contrast are important elements of image quality. Projector brightness is measured in lumens. Lumens range from 2,500 for small, dark rooms to more than 12,000 lumens for large, brightly lit auditorium. Purchase a projector that is rated for the most brightly-lit uses you anticipate. Additionally, the larger your screen size, the more brightness you will need. CCS Presentation Systems can design and install a cutting edge auditorium AV system!

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