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CCS Presentation Systems provides high quality projection systems and expert installation – installing DLP, LCD and LCOS systems. Front projection is a two-piece system: a projector that creates the image and a screen that reflects it. The thought of dealing with two pieces often concerns customers, but in reality projectors are exceedingly simple to set up.

There are three types of technology in front projection: DLP, LCD, and LCOS.

LCD is the same technology used in flat-panel TVs. Typically, LCD projectors are in the low to mid-range on the price spectrum. Where they once were strictly a lower cost solution, steady improvements have resulted in some models being the best in their class. Epson, NEC and Hitachi, for example, all have several excellent LCD projectors.

DLP, or Digital Light Processing, uses small chips with millions of tiny mirrors. They range in price from ultra-low-end models to extremely expensive, three-chip projectors for dedicated theaters. Digital projection in movie theaters is most often DLP. Christie Digital is a leader in DLP.

LCOS, or Liquid Crystal on Silicon, can be thought of as a hybrid of DLP and LCD. It’s a liquid crystal layer on top of a mirrored surface. Black levels and contrast ratios are both excellent. JVC projectors (using their version of LCOS, called D-ILA) have consistently had the best contrast ratios. Sony’s version, called SXRD, is a close second.

Projection solutions for all types of facilities, including education, government, retail, entertainment and more all have the ability to completely transform any space into a communications focal point, where the possibilities for information display are endless.

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