Digital Signage & Video Walls

Electronic displays in high-traffic areas are changing the face of our public spaces, and the possibilities for digital signage are everywhere.  Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, digital signage and wall-sized video displays and projection screens can transform the experiences of shopping, working and socializing.

CCS Presentation Systems is on the forefront of these trends with award-winning AV display offerings that are designed for the rigors of public venue installations, responsible for everything from simply delivering beautiful images to conveying multiple types of information around the clock.

Video walls and digital signage products are designed to blend seamlessly into professional environments. Fashion-forward white finishes or color match options allow our clients to bring a touch of personality to their project.  Our digital signage products feature thin-mounting profiles, which comply with ADA standards without additional structures or costly insets.

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CCS works thoughtfully to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive. Our video walls and digital displays have a lower total cost of ownership optimized for public environments, with features like front serviceability and LED backlight designs.

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