Services Group

Scottsdale, AZ

Services Group

Services Group of America wanted to seamlessly incorporate technology into its new corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ.

Project Description

“The literal centerpiece of SGA Corporate Center’s high-end conference room is its pentagonal plasma video display system, weighing nearly 1 ton. A major challenge was designing a structurally sound and maintenance-friendly lift mechanism that doesn’t intrude on the room’s sight lines or elegant aesthetics. Dominating the space is the conference table, a massive wooden structure measuring 40ft. across and seating 32. The idea was to seamlessly incorporate technology that would enable everything from local PowerPoint presentations to company-wide video conferences. Another key requirement for the room was for the conference table to provide an uncluttered look, while still providing laptop connectivity and voice pickup of meeting participants.”

– Sound and Video Contractor Magazine 4/08


Project Detail

Client Name:

Services Group of America


Scottsdale, AZ


CCS New England

Sandhills Publishing