CCS Partner Vaddio Offers Filmmakers New Approach to On-The-Go Filmmaking

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Our manufacturing partner Vaddio recently announced an amazing new project with its partner Vantastic. The two companies have partnered to create a one-of-a-kind filmmaking operation in a custom luxury van, using Vaddio’s Production VIEW Precision Camera ControllerCCS_Vaddio_Camera_Controller

The companies have worked together to outfit a luxury GMC Savana van with state-of-the-art production equipment to allow for more spontaneous filmmaking on the go.  The van seats six people, which could include participating musicians, actors or crew team, to all head to a specific location for a film shoot. The van is a fully-equipped mobile production studio, using Vaddio’s tech leading ProductionVIEW Precision Camera Controller.

The Vaddio controller can be operated by one person and controls the camera use, making zooms possible, or using one of the pre-set camera angles. As a director sequences the film action, he can use the Vaddio controller to get different uses out of the camera. For instance, the controller can tilt, zoom, pan the van’s cameras with just a click or two of the button on the Vaddio controller.

Vaddio is a premier global manufacturer of PTZ cameras, specialty camera control systems and professional USB peripherals for the audiovisual, videoconference and broadcast marketplaces.

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