Casio Stays Ahead in Short Throw Projector Segment

 In Nevada

Schools, churches and other organizations look set to benefit from short-throw projectors from CCS manufacturing partner Casio.

Nearly 10 million projectors were sold in 2012, according to industry analyst PMA. Short throw projectors and interactive projectors are among the leading lights in the projector industry, showing a solid 30% growth in certain categories.

The Casio LampFree projector line can save money and maintenance time, as it uses a hybrid light source that can last for up to 20,000 hrs. Other benefits of Casio’s projectors include not only the size of these small projectors, but other benefits like low maintenance, whiteboard readiness and the ability for teachers to use the projectors at bright levels, even with classroom lights on. Casio’s LampFree projectors line showcases high brightness units well suited for church and school environments.

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